Custody / Visitation

In any situation, when there is a separation of the parents, the question of custody becomes vitally important for both the child and the parents. It is important that the residence of the child be established and a clear guideline as to where the child lives and whom the child will visit and what that child’s visitation schedule will be.  

Although, many times parents can work this out on their own, but often even amicable arrangements can be strained when there is a disagreement as to the child. It is important to establish what is in the best interest of the child and making sure that the child has a clear and stable home life while at the same time allowing the child to have a strong relationship and sufficient time to build that relationship with each parent. 

Additionally, questions of who will make medical and educational decisions must be clearly delineated so that the child’s needs do not become neglected in the event of an impasse between the parents. It is crucial that a proper presentation be made to the courts which would include the parent’s testimony and proper corroboration by the submission of admissible evidence to the court.

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